Mosquito XE Helicopter

The Mosquito XE is developed on the principle of the Mosquito Air, but the open frame has been replaced with an enclosed body. The XE airframe is a unibody construction resulting in a single structural element, offering aerodynamic cleanliness and good looks.

The Airframe

The Mosquito XE airframe is a unibody construction made entirely of high quality fiberglass in a vinylester matrix. Body and structure are the same to minimize weight and maximize structural efficiency.

The Engine

Compact Radial Engine’s - MZ202, 60-hp, powers The Mosquito a two cycle, two-cylinder engine with the highest power to weight ratio on the market today. This engine employs Reed Induction which yields a very flat torque curve ensuring power is delivered constantly over the required operating range. The MZ202 also has a lower operating speed of 6000 rpm when compared to other engines with similar power range that typically operate at 6500 to 7000 rpm resulting in less stress on the engine and improving reliability. The complete engine package only weighs 69 pounds and comes with a 180-watt alternator that provides power to run the electrical system, which also features an electric start system.

The Power Train

The primary reduction is bolted directly to the engine. A centrifugal clutch on the engine crankshaft permits startup of the engine without the load of the rotor. Power is transmitted from the clutch to the driven pulley of the reduction through an HTD cog belt, one of the highest power to weight ratio power transmission methods available. The driven pulley houses the sprage clutch which permits the rotor to overrun the engine during autorotation.

The Rotor System

The main rotor is a semi-rigid configuration. Main rotor blades consist of an aluminum spar bonded to a wrapped aluminum sheet skin. Foam plugs at both ends prevent interior contamination and pumping losses. The tail rotor is also of a semi-rigid configuration with aluminum skin wrapped around a tube and foam plugs at either end. A 45 degree drag hinge is utilized to maintain tail rotor alignment.

The Control Systems

The control system is unique to the Mosquito. Main rotor control is achieved from the floor mounted joystick and collective through a control mixer in the base of the main mast, then through push tubes in the mast up to the base of the swash plate. The swash plate is contained within the mast and is supported by a push tube located in the rotor shaft. Control rods on either side of the push tube transmit inputs through the rotor shaft to the control lever on top of the rotor shaft and then down to the blade pitch horns through pitch links.The tail rotor is controlled by the foot pedals through a push pull cable to an actuating lever on the tail rotor shaft.

The Specifications

  Airframe length 4,90 m / 16,00 ft
  Overall Length 6,50 m / 21,50 ft
  Widht 1.57 m / 62,00 in
  Height 2,13 m / 84,00 in
  Main Rotor diameter 5,90 m / 19,40 ft
  Tail Rotor diameter 1,02 m / 40,00 in
  Empty Weight 136 kg / 300 lb
  Gross Weight 278 kg / 612 lb
  Useful load including fuel 142 kg / 312 lb
  Main Tank Capacity 45 Ltr / 12 US GAL
  Optional Aux Tank Capacity 30 Ltr / 8 US GAL
  Engine Type MZ202, 2-cycle, 2-stroke
  Engine Power 45 kw / 60 hp
  Electrical System 12V DC, 180W alternat.
  Main Rotor Speed 540 rpm
  Tail Roto Speed 2450 rpm
  Fuel Consumption @ cruise 19 L/hr / 5 US GAL/hr
  Flight time (max.) without aux tank 2.4 hours
  Flight time (max.) with aux tank 4.0 hours
  Hover in groud effect (est.) 8000 ft
  Hover out of ground effect (est.) 6500 ft
  Climb rate (est.) 900 ft/min
  Cruise Speed 120 kmh / 75 mph
  Max Speed 136 kmh / 85 mph
  Floats OPTION


The Instruments

The Mosquito XE comes with a basic instrument setup. Actually all you need and which fit into the US ultralight category as well.

  1. Altimeter and Airspeed Indicator from MGL Avionics (Model ASX-2)
- Precision altimeter for –700 ft up to a maximum of 30,000 ft
- The altimeter can display altitude in feet or meters. Local pressure can be set in millibars or inches or mercury
- Airspeed ranges from 16 to 250mph Airspeed can be displayed as IAS or a calculation based TAS
- Includes a 24 entry automatic flight log
- Includes an air-distance trip counter and a flight timer
- Airspeed units can be in miles per hour (mph), kilometer per hour (kph) or nautical miles per hour (knots)
- Contains a programmable low/high airspeed alarm
- Records maximum airspeed and altitude reached in permanent memory

  2. Engine control monitor from MGL Avionics (Model TC-2 4-channel Thermocouple Monitor)
- 6 different display modes
- Temperatures can be displayed in degrees C or degrees F from -270 ºC to 1370ºC (-454ºF to 2498ºF).
- High accuracy: Built in thermocouple linearization curves and cold junction compensated
- Records Maximum temperatures reached for each channel in permanent memory

  3. Dual Rotor/Engine Tachometer from MGL Avionics (Model ROTOR-1)
- Dual digital readouts or a traditional scalable analog needle display
- Includes a 24 entry automatic flight log
- Includes a settable Hobbs meter (password protected) and an engine running timer/flight timer
- Contains a programmable engine and rotor low / high RPM alarm
- Contains a programmable maintenance timer for scheduled routine engine maintenance
- Records maximum rotor and engine RPM reached in permanent memory

  4. Standard TT2A Engine Tiny-Tach (backup for engine tach and hour meter)
- RPM display from 1 to 19,000. RPM update time 1/2 second.
- Hour meter records total actual running time on your engine.
- Job timer can be reset to record run time for record keeping.


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